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Guitar ages 5+

Currently, the popular genres for guitar playing are: blues, rock, country music, romance, jazz, flamenco, funk and fusion. But, as you know, this is not a complete list.

As for the guitar itself, classical, acoustic, and electric guitars are most common. Despite the huge number of styles and genres, all guitar lessons have a common methodological basis, so you can determine your direction in the classroom.

The desire to learn how to play the guitar arises in people of different ages and of different character. Some want to become the soul of a company and play favorite songs with ease. Others are so inspired by the atmosphere of a rock concert that they decide to master the electric guitar. There are also fans of the flamenco style, for whom incendiary Spanish melodies become a powerful charge of energy and positivity. By studying at our school, you can avoid mistakes specific to beginners and choose the most effective learning methods.




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