Unique music group lessons for kids ages 0-5

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Unique music group lessons for kids ages 0-5

Unique music group lessons is an authored technique that includes a combination of games, songs, dances, exercises with musical instruments, and stories about music, all set to music. Each lesson is accompanied by live music performed with guitar, piano, xylophone, and other instruments, as well as the author's musical recordings.

The classes are designed for groups of children from 0 to 5 years, with the participation of their parents. The duration of one lesson is 40 minutes, and the frequency is once a week, though additional lessons are available. The classes are arranged in a particular sequence, and consistent attendance helps build close relationships between the teacher and the young students, which creates a noticeable pedagogical result.

In the Music Snack classes, children get acquainted with different musical genres, styles, and concepts, get in touch with their emotions, and learn to coordinate their movements. During classes they develop their fine motor skills, their speech and communication skills, and an ear for music. As they develop these skills, many children make their first friends. Include music lessons in your child’s diet, and he or she will grow healthy, sensitive, balanced, and cheerful!

English speaking, Russian speaking and French speaking groups are available.




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