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Mrs Geniya


Ms. Geniya is our a true pioneer of musical educational movement. She brings totally new and different approach to children's' education, combining the old European school principals with most advances American teachings and repertoire. She was educated at St. Petersburg State Conservatory in Russia, and is the biggest education enthusiast. Over the past 35 years of teaching art of music to young and old, she developed her unique teaching style, that incorporates proper technique, music theory, singing, ear training, sight-reading, and the list goes on.

Being a member of National Federation of Music Clubs, Ms. Geniya takes great pride presenting her students at numerous contests and festivals. Her students always get highest praise, and over the years had won multiple awards and trophies. Several of her students even received $5,000 scholarships for their achievements. She believes the affect of music education on kids is immeasurable, and her students indeed do very well in regular school, too.



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