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Mrs Helen

piano, voice
Miss Elena Efremova
Miss Elena is a multi-talented and multi-lingual professional with international 20-year experience, who specializes in Piano and Voice. 
She is a passionate and enthusiastic educator, who believes in early learning and wide exposure to different styles of music and types of musical instruments. 

Having been born in Eastern Europe (Moldova), she was lucky enough to have attended Music School and local Conservatory from an early age. She had continued her education and Greece and other Western European countries, where she also had expanded her performing career as a singer. Languages spoken are Russian, English, Romanian, Greek, and German.
Due to her multi-faceted background, Miss Elena's approach to early and intermediate musical education is very unique. She feels that individual as well as group lessons have multitude of benefits for kids' development. She loves finding personal fun ways to each child's learning process and abilities. 
We know you will greatly enjoy her lessons! Please join Miss Elena's class!


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