Piano/group lessons (ages 5+)

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Piano/group lessons (ages 5+)

Group piano (keyboard) programs

A piano is an acoustic instrument with weighted keys whereas a keyboard is an electric instrument (requiring a power source) with un-weighted (lighter) keys than a piano.

By contrast, a keyboard never needs to be tuned, and on a keyboard, you can change the sounds and instruments, which adds great variety to your practice (many keyboards have hundreds of sounds you can choose from).

Also, on a keyboard you can play along with backing tracks. Playing the keyboard is also good for encouraging very precise playing. Good reasons to learn keyboard - so join our courses.

Keyboard program for Adults: 17+ years old

  • Songs in all styles that you’ve always dreamed of playing, including popular, classical, country, blues and jazz
  • Fingerobics – Special keyboard exercises that develop finger dexterity
  • Music reading, notation and theory
  • Ensemble playing – group musical experiences that help develop your own playing skills

Keyboard program for Kids: 5-9 years old

  • Classes feature music reading, ensemble playing and singing - with an emphasis on having fun!
  • Kids begin playing the very first day.
  • Studies show that playing music helps kids excel in math, reading and verbal skills and score better on math tests than kids without a music education.
  • Playing music helps develop coordination, timing and memory.
  • Most recorded and live music is performed in groups (bands, orchestras, jazz trios)
  • Children like being in a group, where they make new friends and learn from each other.
  • Students establish an excellent sense of rhythm in a group.
  • Kids try harder in a group, where there's subtle peer pressure.
  • Playing with a group build self-confidence.





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