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Team building Corporate

Team building is a well-known process used by businesses across the US to solve tactical and strategic tasks. Team building originally developed in the early 40s of the 20 th Century in the UK.

Various types of activities in team building are aimed to enhance social relationsamong the employees of an enterprise, gathered outside the working environment for joint leisure activities.

These processes are thoughtful and powerful tools for improving corporate microclimates.

The goals of corporate team building include:

  • Consolidating the collective team at all levels;
  • Excluding rigid competitiveness in exchange for cooperation;
  • Teaching effective interactions within the team;
  • Achieving trust and transparency throughout the team;
  • Increasing the level of motivation;
  • Giving employees psychological relaxation.

We offer a unique kind of team building - joint professional music lessons, including:

  • Voice classes;
  • Voice and Instrument classes;
  • Learning to play musical instruments (guitar, piano, percussion, saxophone, and more);
  • Master classes for maximum team efficiency;
  • Training in conflict prevention and resolution.

What this team building course will teach includes:

  • The ability to hear and listen to each other and exclude the rival element between people;
  • The ability to adapt to partners and interactions;
  • The development of the "happiness hormone" that will take away the stress from the life of the employees and allow them to relax;
  • The improvement of physical well-being through the discharge of stress using music and voice;
  • The activation of brain activity that will open new horizons in productivity, creativity, and efficiency for the team (the good ideas from company employees are guaranteed).

Group classes always have a welcoming atmosphere, a charge of energy, and are an opportunity to get to know yourself better and your colleagues. The music school invites you to realize dreams of singing a favorite song on a corporate duet, playing the guitar with your best friend, playing your favorite composition on a piano in four hands!

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