Vocal/piano ensemble class

Vocal/piano ensemble class

The Sound of Music School is so excited to announce that we are offering vocal ensemble classes and piano ensemble classes for aspiring students who wish to develop their musical talents including singing or playing piano.


We highly recommend that you consider signing up for these ensemble lessons. We guarantee that you will have a lot of fun while you obtain your music education, and that you will improve your individual talents during your participation in our new music program.


The vocal ensembles and piano emsembles classes are for those who envision themselves perfecting talents.


Piano and vocal lessons are usually taught individually; however, if you would like to learn to play together with your siblings or friends you can sign up for the ensemble classes.

Vocal Ensemble is taught as a group lesson. Kids will sing popular American songs. We are also planning to open a Russian ensemble class for kids who speak Russian.


The vocal ensemble class will teach you how to sing together with your friends, and prepare you to perform on a stage as a group singing in harmony. You will learn how to sing with and without a microphone, as well as learn how to sing better as an individual contributing to a group. Finally, you will experience new feelings of accomplishment due to learning something something new.








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