Learn Voice and Opera by performing your favorite songs!

Your voice is unique. There is no other voice like yours on the Earth, and our goal is to maximally reveal your natural voice and give you confidence in your performance. The voice lessons in our school are taught according to the leading programs, which have showed the greatest effectiveness in teaching voice.

Our classes are affordable prices!

Our lessons will focus on:

  • Correct breathing and body position during singing;
  • Basic Vocal Techniques;
  • Learning and performing your favorite song for your loved ones, friends, relatives, or at an important event;
  • Basic knowledge of solfeggio and music notation;
  • Setting up the voice;
  • Learning the new facets of your voice;
  • Working out your repertoire and building confidence on stage;
  • Learning vocal techniques from beginning to advanced levels.
    The Sound of Music School is very happy to offer Opera and Voice lessons!



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