Conflict Resolution in the Home. Workshop.

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Conflict Resolution in the Home. Workshop.

Workshop for parents on using professional negotiation strategies in daily life - resolving conflicts and creating sustainable agreements with teenagers. Coach - professional troubleshooter.


  • To resolve conflicts which affect the relationship
  • To be able to deal with problems in a way which solves them and not makes things worse
  • To be a loving parent even when corrective action is needed
  • To gain more understanding of children’s mind
  • To create a sustainable and trusting relationship
  • To be become a respectable role-model for children through a first-hand experience of effective communication management
  • To gain more control without suppressing children and damaging their sense of self-worth

For whom:

  • Parents of children over 7 years old.

What’s going to happen:

  • We will talk about when children and parents misunderstand their roles and why it causes trouble in the relationship. We will also talk about the core principles of how a human mind works and how it impacts our communication. 
  • We will dedicate to work on the participants’ actual cases to see in real time when their problems arise and figure out how to deal with them. This is the core of the program.
  • We may do some practical exercises to enhance emotional intelligence and communication skills along the way, depending on what the group needs to advance as much as possible.

What’s not going to happen:

  • Lecturing, moralizing or preaching
  • “Inspiring” stories about wonderful parenting
  • Theoretical deep dive into scientific psychology
  • Presentations
  • Silly games or assignments
  • Anything else participants don’t actually want

What’s the challenge:

It’s easy to complain about “difficult kids”. Who can deny that being a parent is hard? The challenge is to see how much we actually contribute to creating what we do not like. We have to face our mistakes, unhelpful habits and limiting beliefs. We need to muster up the courage to explore new avenues of dealing with chronic communication problems. The trainer is there to provide the support and the tools to overcome these challenges and succeed.

What questions can this training answer:

“My teenager is out of control and just shuts me out when I put my foot down. How can I help him/her hear me?”

“I am struggling with setting boundaries we are both comfortable with. We seem to be stuck in a power struggle. Is there a way to co-exist with a teenager peacefully?”

“I want to be able to just talk to my kid about changing things without having to resort to some sort of force. How do I make him/her understand that it’s in their best interest?”.

“I love my child and I want him/her to know it and feel it when we talk. Even when we talk about problems. But he/she confuses kindness with weakness all too often, so I have to go for “tough love”, even when I hate to do it. Is there another way?”

“My teenager thinks he/she is all grown up and knows life. They keep ignoring my advice and unnecessarily expose themselves to all sorts of risks and pain. Is there something I can do besides saying “I told you so” after things go wrong?”

“If I take a strong stance on something I believe is right, but in contradiction with my child, they get offended and it backfires in one way or the other. How do I insist on something important without creating problems in our relationship?”

“I don’t like to punish my child, but they keep messing up! How can I talk to them about their mistakes and failures so things get better and we get out of that vicious circle?”

“Sometimes I make threats to get my child to comply, but when they don’t I am stuck, because I am not ready to actually do what I said I would. I love my kid and don’t want to be a tyrant. They know it, so I feel powerless. Do I have to choose between being a kind parent and being able to manage my child’s behavior?”





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